12/11/19 Update – Strange weather in US

12/10/19:  The Lord showed me there would be a cold belt across the Central US, with a late spring, from the east coast to the west; but the northern and southern states would see an early spring/summer.

Why is the Lord giving me prophetic news about US weather? The Lord has been showing me all sorts of things, including signs in heaven and the earth in the last days.

Jesus said,

“…great signs shall there be from heaven” Luke 21:11

Strange global weather patterns have been a part of these signs. When God gives us a prophetic word, and then when prophecy is fulfilled, the Lord wants His children to know by these prophecies and the fulfillment of them, that He is God, and there is no one like Him! He wants you to believe in Him.

God also tells us in His Word,

“…I Am God, and there is none other; I Am God and there is none like Me, declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand and I will do all My pleasure…” Isaiah 46:9-10

Watch for the prophecies to be fulfilled and Believe in God.


Severe thunderstorms and large hail hits Central US:   https://watchers.news/2020/03/13/severe-thunderstorms-large-hail-strike-parts-of-central-us/

Winter storm from West to East Coasts:  https://watchers.news/2020/02/03/winter-storm-to-track-across-parts-of-plains-west-and-northeast-u-s/

Multi-hazard storm developing across the central United States: https://watchers.news/2020/01/10/icy-roads-impact-travel-ahead-of-major-multi-hazard-storm-snow-and-damaging-winds-across-central-u-s/

1/10/20: This is the start of the prophecy, “the cold belt,” and we will see the prophetic weather pattern continue.