10/25/19 Update – Message for Dan Griffith

10/25/19:  I woke up this morning speaking in tongues (a gift from God), which I have never done previously (woke up speaking). I had a dream that I was commanding evil spirits of fornication to leave a man by the name of Dan Griffith, then I woke up speaking in tongues (evidence of the gift of the Holy Spirit – Acts 2). I was moved by the Holy Spirit to pray for this man, after I woke up, and I asked the Lord why I had this dream and why I was given his name.

The Lord instructed me to write this prophetic message for a man named Dan Griffith, a man I do not know, and that He will bring Dan Griffith to this message for instructions on how he can be delivered from spirits of fornication (unlawful sexual acts) and his obsession with sexual sins that are afflicting him.

Dan Griffith, this will be your opportunity to receive deliverance before you become demon possessed and reprobate. I urge you to take heed to the instructions given below, before it is too late.

I am going to instruct you to do some things, one of which may seem strange, but God knows why you should follow all of these instructions; I am only the messenger. *Before you might believe these instructions to be strange, or even ridiculous, you might want to read a Biblical account of a man by the name of Naaman, who was leprous, and was told by a prophet to dip in a muddy river seven times before he could be healed (the account is given in 2 Kings 5).

This, God says, you need to do, and you will not only be delivered of evil spirits that are afflicting you; you will also be saved, sanctified and filled with God’s Spirit.

Prick yourself with a needle (just a slight prick is enough; you should sterilize the needle; burn the tip and wait for it to cool, then prick yourself.) This is a demonstration of humility before God and your willingness to obey Him, and it shows your faith that He will do what He said He would do.

Touch the computer screen (or whatever device you are using to read) where you are reading this message and ask God to forgive you, deliver you, save you and fill you with His Holy Spirit.

Yield yourself fully to God and you will speak in an unknown tongue.

After you have experienced your deliverance and salvation, do these things:

Read the Bible in this order: Acts chapter 2; the Book of John; then the New Testament; then the Old and New Testament. If you currently do not own a Bible, you can start reading online through the links provided.

Attend a Bible-believing church and one that believes in the gifts of the Spirit. If there is none close to you, you can go to this Links page (at the Now Prophecy website) and watch messages from these God fearing, Bible-believing ministers for your spiritual benefit.

Witness to others at every opportunity about what God has done for you (there is no need to go into detail about your personal sins, but that God delivered you from demonic oppression, saved you, sanctified you and gave you a new life worth living!)

God bless you, Dan Griffith.

If you are obedient to the Lord and follow these instructions, God has great plans for you and a new life in Christ Jesus.

If you fail to obey the Lord, even though He brought you to this page and so specifically called you out of darkness into His marvelous light, you might enjoy your sins for a brief season, but you will suffer losses such as you have never known, and when this life is over, you will enter hell fire and burn there forever (Revelation 20:12-15).