4/15/21 Update – The Businessman/Reservist

4/14/21: The Lord showed me a man who is in the reserves and who also owns a business with a partner. This man has a wife, son and daughter. The business partner has grown very possessive over the business, to the point that he is agitated if he can’t have his own way. That’s because he has allowed his greed to overwhelm him, to the point that a devil has entered him and caused him to want to literally kill you and your family, so he can take over the business entirely.

God brought you to this website and you know you are this business owner, who is also a reservist. After all, how many people do you know who has a wife, son and daughter, and is also a business owner, with a partner, and is in the reserves? DON’T PANIC. God is in control and he gave me this information, so he can protect you and your family; but you need to follow His instructions and all will be well. You don’t know the remedy to the situation, but God has it and He will give it to you, like “a way when there seemed to be no way,” if you will follow His instructions.

First and foremost, you need to surrender yourself to God and tithe your time, giving God specific times of devotion that no one can breach, times for just you and the Lord; and you need to tithe your income to the ministry, one that teaches the truth and fits the Biblical description of a church/ministry.

Second, tell your wife to bring in an employee to take your son’s place, or hire a full-time security guard to be there at all times, while he is working.

Third, tell your family that none of them should answer the door at your residence. If it is important, a family member or good friend, they will call to let them know they are at your residence, or to schedule an appointment in advance. Otherwise, no one is to answer the door, even after the matter of your business partner is resolved. We are living in perilous times and no one should answer their front door, unless they are expecting someone and can clearly see that the individual, or group, is who they are expecting.

You need to lay aside every sin and weight that keeps you from God’s purposes. You need to give God the firstfruits of your life and He will take care of all the rest; He will lead you, guide you and show you the way. As you pray, read God’s Word and seek God for the answer to your problem regarding your business associate, God will bring to your mind exactly what you are to do to resolve the problem, so you will no longer have a business relationship with that man, and the transition will be very smooth. God will show you the resolution like the dawning of a new day, and you will know it had to have come from God. After the relationship is severed, God will deal with that man after his own heart and you needn’t ever be concerned about him again.

You are not your own, but you were bought with a price and you owe God everything, but He is only asking for the firstfruits of your life for devotion, specific times of prayer and the reading of His Word. The Lord also wants you to nurture your family in the admonition of the Lord and care for their eternal souls, even more than you care for their lives here on earth. Surrender all to the Lord, trust in Him and He will direct your paths.

“In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your paths” Proverbs 3:6

“Delight yourself also in the Lord and He shall give you the desires of your heart” Psalm 37:4

“God bless you and your family and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious unto you; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you peace. And they shall put My name upon the children of Israel and I will bless them” Numbers 6:24-27

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